The facts

This is what we discovered about the facts behind the show.

There was an orphanage near the town where the show was made and one of the employees of the orphanage, Vlad Stradowsky, worked on the show. Unmarked burials of children were found at the orphanage.

The town in episode 6 exists and can be seen just as it is in the show.

The orphans at the orphanage were either involved in the youth organisations (party and paramilitary) or else were shunned. They were suspected of being involved in abductions that occurred near the town.

The area sufferred from a famine after the Second World War and rumours of cannibalism were rife and continue to rumble on. The people of the area have a suspect reputation.

The show episode order was changed a lot but the episode with the unicorn was intended to be the first.

One of our group disappeared in the woods surrounding the town. Before she disappeared she claimed that she had seen parts of bodies in the woods and that there was a derilict circus there as well, which might have been the old props and sets from the show or the inspiration for them.