Episode 7

Introduces sparkly rainbow unicorn who impresses other puppets. Its design was different: shining and glittery.

The puppets bow down; then the unicorn shakes glitter on the carousel. The sound effects on the soundtrack at this point are spoken: “sprinkle, sprinkle”.

The unicorn’s words and mouth movements didn’t match. The dialogue was mean but other puppets didn’t react.

There was lots of flashing.

Then it gives out cookies but those who eat them act hypnotised and drugged and started to follow the unicorn.

Then Mother Baker saw the unicorn shit the cookies but no-one listens to her. She eats one too.

Eventually the unicorn covers Mother Baker’s bakery in glitter and she disappears, in the song she is conspiciously absent.

But there was no glitter again, apart from some of it being trapped on the set by accident.