Episode 6

One of the strangest things in this episode is that it cuts between the puppets and weird handheld footage but the background remains the same in both cases. As if the puppets were being shot on location or the footage is taken on the sets.

There are big themes of mallets and knees. It is set in a restaurant or tavern. The chef cuts of the legs of the frogs and tenderisers them while the frogs scream.

The dubbing here is awful though, do the frogs ask the the chef not to do it?

The chef throws salt on the frogs and then serves the legs to cats that are wearing black and white costumes. The furniture in the dining room is disproportionately sized and clearly from other bits of the town.

The cows then arrive and sell their own tongues to the chef.

In the handheld footage we see a logging camp. In the puppet village the maimed puppets gather, including some hopping fish.

Together they storm the evil cat house and hang the cats while eating the kittens. All the cats seem to have crosses or the star of David on their eyes.

The song is about regret, is in a minor key and has operatic stylings.

The episode ends with the handheld footage emerging through the woods and looking at an industrialised village while from tree there is a hanging body or perhaps a scarecrow.